Rev. Jayne Feldman
"Lord, Make me an instrument of Thy Peace"


(In person or telephone reading - Recorded on CD)

This reading/sacred ceremony brings into consciousness your Angel Team. You are introduced
to your Guardian Angel as well as Archangel energies around you. This ceremony has been
developed with the angels for those who wish to awaken their own ability to realize the angelic
presences in their lives. It is a healing experience that aligns mental, spiritual, emotional and
physical bodies. Powerful personal symbology for your life comes forward in the experience as
well as information on your life purpose and mission.
FEE $110.00 one hour
recorded reading or $55.00 1/2 hour.


(Reading recorded and sent as an MP3 File for $160.00 or a CD and sent in mail for $165.00)

There is a divine moment every year when the sun returns to the exact mathematical position as
when you were born. It may or may not coincide with your actual birth date. This divine moment
is truly a sacred experience. The divine moment is known in spiritual astrology as your Solar

•        Sister Paula gives you the areas of spiritual growth for the year, major themes of
development, lessons to be learned and spiritual practices (1/2 hour recorded CD).

•        Jayne Howard Feldman shares angelic inspirations and astrological insights from
a celestial consciousness (1/2 hour recorded CD).

The CD's are filled with insights and energies that will be important to you for the upcoming
year. This double blessing Solar Return is perfect for birthday and holiday giving.
Birthdate/birthtime/birthplace are needed for this reading. Please use the "Contact Jayne" link
above to send this information to Jayne
FEE: $160.00/MP3                                  FEE: $165.00/CD


(CD reading sent in mail)

I have the encouragement of my wonderful clients to thank for the creation of  Baby Blessing
Readings. It is because of their lovingly and continuously nudging me to do readings for
newborn babies, that I am now offering Baby Blessing Readings. It’s a great gift to give to new
parents. A Baby Blessing is a personalized one-hour CD reading based on the baby’s
natal/birth chart. In my service with the angels I have come to recognize the sacredness of our
birth chart. It is the moment that we accept our first gift as a God creation donning a physical
body; that first gift is the gift of God’s holy breath. When each of us take our first breath, the
angels surround us and whisper  a single word as a God blessing: BE! To see entire Flyer
go to:
Baby Flyer
FEE: $150.00


(CD reading sent in mail)

Visit Fairieland with a recorded one hour reading that will provide magical insights, delightful
inspirations and simply enchanting message all about YOU and your connection with the
FAIRIES. If you desire a fairy reading, simply send the reading fee to Jayne with your name and
address. You will receive a CD reading as well as surprises from the fairy kingdom selected just
for you.
FEE: $110.00


(CD reading sent in mail)

The angels have inspired Jayne with the realization that we are now in THE GRACE AGE. It is
the 8th Day of Creation. It is the 'day' we realize paradise is within each and every one of us. If
you 'know' you are one who is to experience a Blessing of Grace reading/ceremony, send
check or money order for $130 with your name/address/date of birth/birth place/birth time (if
known). You will receive a 1-hour CD from Jayne outlining your 'oneness' with all of the
kingdoms, days of creation and with the genesis and revelation experience -- the Alpha and
Omega of You. Blessings of Grace cannot be done over the phone or in person as the
ceremony's date (within one month of time order is received) is selected by Spirit.
Birthdate is needed for this reading. Please use the "Contact Jayne" link above to send this
information to Jayne
FEE: $130.00

(Workbook and CD reading sent in mail)

if you are looking for a spiritual tool to support your soul development for the next year,
consider ON THE PATH TO GOD LIFEMAP WORKBOOK as a way to invest in yourself.

Jayne produces for you a personalized one-year spiritual workbook. This 'just for you' loose-
leaf notebook includes monthly images and messages selected personally for you to assist you
in aligning yourself to your highest good. You can use the images and messages for obtaining
insights about your life each messages that convey focus energies for each month that are just
for you. You also receive a messages that convey focus energies for each month that are just
for you. You also receive a personalized CD reading from Jayne describing how to use the
workbook in listening to your higher self for the year ahead. A great tool for those who love to
journal! Jayne incorporates Sabian symbols, spiritual astrology, angelic inspirations and much,
much more in creating a personalized workbook for you. For those who order workbook Jayne
needs date of birth/birthplace/birthtime.
FEE: $200.00


Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman is available as a motivational/life enhancement speaker/spiritual
retreat leader/corporate life coaching facilitator. Jayne welcomes the opportunity to be
sponsored/hosted in your community where she will be available for readings and workshop
presentations. If you host Jayne at your home for a reading party and/or classes, you will
receive income for being an Angelic Hostess for Jayne.

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