Rev. Jayne Feldman
"Lord, Make me an instrument of Thy Peace"
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Paula Matthew csj
and Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman

Spiritual growth is enhanced through journaling, contemplative practices
and shamanic experiences. These practices enable you to receive
powerful symbols and messages for your life.  Through such practices
you learn to establish divine dialogue with your Higher Self.

Paula Matthew and Jayne Howard Feldman have teamed up to offer you

You will receive a STORY PICTURE - an illuminating painting by Paula Matthew filled with
symbology.  The painting is entitled: THE VISITATION. Paula received the divine inspiration for
this painting in meditation.

You will receive a CD with Rev. Jayne Feldman's gifted voice, guiding you on A SHAMANIC

From your shamanic journey experience, and additionally through meditating with the STORY
PICTURE, you will receive inner guidance in support of questions you may have in your life.

The STORY PICTURE EXPERIENCE can be used for self discovery over and over again for
the visions you receive for the symbols will change as you change.

You may want to write how the picture intimately speaks to your soul.  You may want to journal
about one symbol of the STORY PICTURE. The STORY PICTURE becomes your life story.  
THE VISITATION becomes your visitation with the Divine Consciousness within you.

To order the STORY PICTURE EXPERIENCE which Includes Paula Matthew's VISITATION
Painting and Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman's Shamanic Journey CD:

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mail your check for $29.95 to:

Jayne Feldman
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Upperco, MD 21155.

Blessings on Your  Journey
from Paula and Jayne