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Jayne Howard Feldman,
Angel Attunement Facilitator


Melody Loving
Angelic Inspired Artist

are teaming up to bring you:




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Metatron's name comes from the Greek META meaning BEYOND
and the Greek TRON meaning MATRIX

Metatron is referenced as the highest archangel of the Kaballah
at the Kether or the Crown; and also as Heavenly Scribe and
as a recording angel radiates to us a energy that supports our
knowing our infinite potential and goodness essence.

Metatron is recognized as one of God's most powerful archangels
and has been called God's Chancellor of Heaven. Metatron's
energies support deepening connections with Source and our
own personal inner spiritual connection to Source.

Your Metatron Blessing Package Includes:

An 8-1/2 x 11 color print
of Melody's inspiring art blessing capturing
the glorious energies of METATRON

A meditation cd created by Jayne with the
attunement with METATRON's essence
and energies

To order: Send $29.95 (includes shipping/handling) to:

Rev. Jayne Feldman
PO Box 95
Upperco, MD 21155
Make check payable to Jayne Feldman
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Note: This is the first of a  series of
divine art and CD blessings.

The Angel Art Odyssey Experience will be bringing you
attunements with:

* the celebration of Joan of Arc's 600th Birthday Celebration
in 2012

* the alignment with the Venus Transit of 2012
plus other exciting divine attunements through art and