A Baby is a Miracle
This little tiny baby
Was sent from God above
To fill our hearts with
And touch our lives with love
He must have known
We'd give our all
And always do our best
To give our precious baby
And be grateful and so
- Author Unknown

A wonderful gift for the parents of a newborn child!

I have the encouragement of my wonderful clients to thank for the creation of  Baby Blessing
Readings. It is because of their lovingly and continuously nudging me to do readings for newborn
babies, that I am now offering Baby Blessing Readings. It’s a great gift to give to new parents. A
Baby Blessing is a personalized taped one-hour CD reading based on the baby’s natal/birth
chart. In my service with the angels I have come to recognize the sacredness of our birth chart. It is
the moment that we accept our first gift as a God creation donning a physical body; that first gift is
the gift of God’s holy breath. When each of us take our first breath, the angels surround us and
whisper  a single word as a God blessing: BE!

Each new baby is here to BE as God perceived them to be. We can gleam a glimmer and
glimpse of God’s vision for each life through the natal birth chart. I am a spiritual astrologist. I see
the planets as “angels of God” and the messages of the chart are meant to inspire us to see our
life as holy and sacred - a gift from God. Understanding the sacredness of our life through spiritual
astrology is a way to honor God.

I produce the CD especially for the newborn baby and parents sharing inspiration on the blessing
this newborn is to the earth as well as angelic messages for the baby. Parents who have received
my Baby Blessing Readings  for their newborn baby have shared that the reading is helpful in
understanding the child’s spiritual life purpose and how as the child’s guardians  they can be
supportive of their baby's life purpose . The reading focuses on all the goodness within the
precious new life they are celebrating!

Rest assured, all readings are inspirational, loving, uplifting and positive. I place the CD and natal
chart in a loose leaf notebook decorated with angelic art and as my “blessing” and free gift, I
include a computerized printout of CHILDSTAR – a computerized natal reading for the child. The
fee for a Baby Blessing Reading is $130.

If you would like to order a Baby Blessing Reading, simply fill out the form below and send to me with your
check or money order for $130.  Be certain to include the name of the child; birth date; birth time; birth
place and address where the Baby Blessing Reading is to be mailed.  Payment can be made by Paypal
or credit card at
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I am happy to include a gift card if you wish this to be sent as a baby present.


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