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Commission Artist, JOAN SHORT
to Capture Your Personal Angel in
a Beautiful One-of-A-Kind Painting
Along With Angelic Messages On CD

Each and every one of us has angels by our side. Knowing this is very
comforting and yet with all of life's demands and pressures sometimes
you may feel you just need to see your angel.

Jayne Howard Feldman (angel messenger and intuitive) and Joan Short
(angel artist) have teamed together to bring you an opportunity to have
an ANGEL PORTRAIT and MESSAGE experience up close and personal.

Jayne and Joan are offering a painting of YOUR beautiful angel along
with a CD of personal messages from YOUR angel just for YOU.

With the angels inspiring her, Joan will create an angel painting that will
be absolutely unique for you.  No two angel paintings will be the same.
Joan lovingly paints your angel just for you when you place your order.
She receives guidance from the divine as to the colors and
symbolism in the angel's pictures that are important for you. The
angel painting will come to you with matting and frame and the framed
size is 11" wide x 14" long.

Jayne produces a 30-minute CD reading of personal messages from
your angel  painting and is blessed with Reiki Mastership and Angelic
Attunement healing energies.

You receive a framed/matted painting of your angel * a CD reading with
personal angel messages for you * and all wrapped in abundant healing
energies. The price is $144 and includes shipping/handling  fee. You can
order for yourself or for a gift for someone you love. This is  a wonderful
way to honor someone who has been an angel to you in  your  life. Give
them the gift of an angel painting.

To order simply fill out the form below and mail to Jayne at the address given.

Angelic Blessings!

----------------------------ANGEL PORTRAIT ORDER FORM------------------------------

Please send painting of my angel and CD filled with messages
from my Angel to:




Telephone No.______________________Email:_____________________

Mail this form with your check for $144 to:

Jayne Howard Feldman
PO Box 95/Upperco, MD 21155

Please make check payable to Rev. Jayne Feldman

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